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by UnboundEd

Since UnboundEd’s journey began, we have reached educators in just about every state, sharing what we know works best for students: high-quality, aligned curriculum. We do this work to support the many great teachers who work long hours to provide all of their students the best instruction possible.

We’re proud to say we have been heard in classrooms, school districts, and the media. In the past few months, we’ve had shared our vision for the future of education with various media outlets. We hope you find useful information in these pieces and that they help you start conversations with your colleagues.

Educator asks teachers to examine unconscious racial bias (EdSource)
This article highlights our organization’s efforts to make all teachers aware of the role their biases play in instruction, with insights from Kate Gerson’s most recent keynote, the bias toolkit, and the ‘5 charges’ that ground the learning at the Standards Institute.

If we are brave enough to enter a conversation about race and how we work – it will be hard – but if we have compassion for ourselves and each other, it will impact us. Right now we have an achievement gap. We’re pretty convinced it’s not a gap in the kids. It’s in the adults and about what we’re providing.

Four Teachers Share Their Experiences Leading Nonprofits and Businesses (Education Week)
This blog gives insight into four education leaders who have combined their teaching experience and entrepreneurial passion, including UnboundEd’s Kate Gerson.

“Teaching is far and away the hardest job I’ve ever had,” Gerson said in an interview. “Once you’re working in the nonprofit sector—presuming that your work is about school and learning—you need real empathy for the intensity of that job. And you need to be able to provide support around the details of teaching and learning.”

How to sort the good from the bad in OER (The Hechinger Report)
After leading a panel about OER at SXSWEdu, The Hechinger Report recaps some the learning shared by one of our panelists, Rebecca Kockler, about the importance of high-quality and standards-aligned materials in all classrooms.

“The need for reliable evaluation has become more urgent with the flood of new, often free, online materials. These OER – open educational resources – may be good, bad or indifferent. How can school districts or teachers know?”

Inequity in Education is Your (and My) Responsibility (Getting Smart)
Kate Gerson explains why we are all responsible for eradicating traditional teaching practices rooted in inequities and racialized expectations.

“The argument of ‘we’ve always done it this way’ or ‘it’s really worked for some kids’ as justification for teaching practices that do not serve all children has us repeating harmful patterns and reinforcing discriminations.”