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Standards Institute Day 1 Recap

by UnboundEd

Greetings from LA!

The Standards Institute kicked off with great energy as we welcomed 800 educators to the West Coast for the first time ever! Here are the best #StandardsInstitute tweets, highlights, and #KnowMoreDoBetter revelations from the first day of the Winter 2018 Institute.


Morning Keynote: Kate Gerson

The morning kicked off with Kate Gerson (@kgtara), managing partner at UnboundEd, addressing how justice is found in the details of teaching and learning, the standards are important, why we are here, and about our focus for the week which is to pick a shift a dive deeper.


Kate reminded us that the system is us and we are the system…



…showed us how we are tolerating bias looks like in our classrooms and schools…



…showed us what the data says is right for all of our students…



..and issued five charges to us all, inspired by the wisdom of Dr. Maya Angelou.



Following the keynote, educators then broke out into subject and grade-specific sessions to do the real work of learning about the standards and standards cohesion.



#StandardsInstitute, #KnowMoreDoBetter, and Other Key Takeaways
Do you have other takeaways to add? Share your thoughts using the hashtags above and we will share them on Day 3!




Let’s further the conversation!
Thank you for making this a great first day. We’re excited to hear what else you learn this week. And, don’t forget about our movie screening tomorrow, Tuesday, January 30 in the California Ballroom from 7-8:30 pm.