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Our Thoughts from Summer Standards Institute

by UnboundEd

We each play a role in this system, and it is essential that we have coherence with fellow educators as we build equitable environments that liberate all students. This week at the Standards Institute, we were reminded of that as 1,000 educators convened to attend to the language of the standards and improve their instructional practices. Participants committed to being change agents and were charged to hold each other accountable to serve every student that enters their school.

In their summer keynote addresses, Kate Gerson and Lacey Robinson of UnboundEd stood together, grounded in the intersection of the standards and equity, to tell a singular narrative of how we each hold legacies and values that we must examine to ensure we meet every student where they are. It is important that you hear their messages together, in their entirety, to understand what justice looks like for our students.

These keynotes discuss:

  • Our organization’s approach to closing the provision gap including five recommendations to get there.
  • Looking at curriculum as an equity issue and need to support all students’ access to and success with grade-level standards.
  • The present-day consequences of landmark decisions throughout American history and how they show up in and outside of the classroom.
  • Teacher expectations and how they can perpetuate systems of remediation for students of colors.
Ask Yourself

“Am I giving each of my students what they need to meet grade-level standards or am I upholding the system as is?”

About Kate Gerson
Kate Gerson has driven the design and development of curriculum implementation and professional learning, trained transformational school leaders, and served as both a high school teacher and principal. As chief executive officer, Kate sets the vision and oversees the design, delivery, and quality of all programs. Kate was the senior fellow for educator engagement at the Regents Research Fund, where she oversaw the design and development of New York State’s curriculum, training and professional development resources related to higher educational standards on EngageNY.org. Previously, she was executive director with the national nonprofit New Leaders and trained aspiring school leaders. She also served as a principal at a turnaround high school for overaged, under-credited students in South Brooklyn, New York.

About Lacey Robinson
Lacey Robinson has more than 20 years in education as an educator, principal, and staff development specialist with a focus on literacy, equity, and school leadership. As chief, program and engagement, Lacey is responsible for engaging with external partners including collaborators in the K-12 education space as well as district and system leadership to support standards-aligned, content-focused adult learning and professional development. She oversees key design and execution elements for primary external UnboundEd service offerings, including Communities of Practice (CoP) and Standards Institute (SI) and the national programs. Previously, Lacey was the senior director of implementation for the national Transforming Teams program at New Leaders, a nonprofit that trains aspiring and current school leaders. Lacey is certified in facilitative leadership and has served as a staff development specialist nationally and internationally, most recently working with the Medical School of Rwanda on organizational and change management.