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Charge #1: Adopt an Aligned Curriculum

by UnboundEd

At the Standards Institute, our work is centered around the intersection of the standards and educational equity. To that end, Kate Gerson, UnboundEd’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, asks our participants to commit to a set of five charges, so that they might improve their instructional practice. The first of those charges, highlighted in the video below, is to:

Adopt an aligned curriculum.

In this video, Kate Gerson discusses:

  • Studies on how the positive impact of a high-quality curriculum is comparable to the impact of a good teacher and the negative impact of a low-quality curriculum is more significant than the positive impact of a good teacher.
  • The prevalence of teachers writing their own curriculum, and the cost both on their own workload and on student outcomes.
  • The low quality of resulting teacher-written curricula–only 44% of curricula written by teachers was aligned with at least one specific grade-level standard.
  • How low-income students are less likely to have access to a high-quality curriculum, as compared to wealthier peers.
  • How adopting a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum is one of the easiest ways to move the needle of student performance in the right direction.

Watch the video below to see Kate Gerson dive into the research behind why a high-quality, aligned, rigorous curriculum has as drastic an impact on student performance as it does:

Ask Yourself

How might the adoption of a standards-aligned, rigorous curriculum improve student outcomes in my school or classroom?

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