UnboundEd Planning Process

The UnboundEd Planning Process (UPP) empowers teachers to develop instructional plans that lead to meaningful, engaging, and affirming grade-level learning for all their students.  

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Justice is found in the details of teaching and learning.™

The UnboundEd Planning Process guides teachers through identifying the prioritized learning goal and associated learning steps so that they can develop an instructional plan that leads to meaningful, engaging, and affirming grade-level learning for all students.  

The UnboundEd Planning Process uses a three read process. Through these three reads, teachers develop a deep understanding of the lesson—shifting their focus from “activities” and “doing” to “teaching” and “learning.” Each read focuses on analyzing different elements of the lesson.

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The UnboundEd Planning Process (UPP) is only available for use by schools, school districts, teachers, and other not-for-profit educational institutions for their own internal educational use.  The UPP is not available for any other commercial or non-commercial use. By proceeding to the UPP videos, you agree to our Terms and Conditions for use.

UnboundEd provides both self-paced and live professional development options for the UPP. Teachers must be using an aligned curriculum in order to engage in the UPP professional development. You can find a list of aligned curriculum here. UnboundEd considers any curriculum that Meets Expectations in all EdReports Gateways for its given subject area to be aligned.

Self-paced learning modules

The UnboundEd Planning Process (UPP) Modules are asynchronous learning which we are able to host on your district/state’s approved Learning Management System (LMS). Each interactive module takes about an hour to complete with videos, case scenarios, quiz questions, and pausing opportunities. Each module set also includes an accompanying Resource Guide for leaders to extend the learning. Below are brief descriptions of the five UPP Modules.

  • Module 1 - The Standards as a Foundation for Attending to Unfinished Instruction
    To understand student learning needs, we must begin with grade-level learning and provide just-in-time support to address unfinished instruction focused on necessary prerequisites. This module addresses how to use content standards as a foundation for fostering equity. We frame students’ grade-level learning needs within the standards’ staircase of complexity to illuminate access points for grade-level learning.
  • Modules 2, 3, & 4 - UnboundEd Planning Process (UPP) Three Reads
    To meet students’ needs, we need a clear sense of what our grade-level lessons are asking students to learn.  This module introduces a daily process for analyzing lessons to develop a clear, focused learning goal. This focus allows us to shift our attention from what students are doing to what students are learning so that we are well-prepared to teach grade-level material, and when required, to scaffold instruction for equity.
  • Module 5 - Accelerate Student Learning By Scaffolding For Equity
    To accelerate student learning, students must engage in grade-level work. We know that some students will require support to access this grade-level learning. This module will demonstrate a lesson analysis process that frames how to create supports and scaffolds that accelerate student learning by maintaining the equitable, grade-level goals of a lesson.

Two-Day Virtual Professional Development

The UnboundEd Planning Process (UPP) professional development is a 2-day session for ELA and math teachers using a high-quality curriculum. The PD guides teachers through a process of internalizing and adapting lessons from a high-quality aligned curriculum. Participants reflect on the changes in mindsets and practices necessary to make their plans come alive. Participants learn how to prioritize a single, clear goal for each lesson, as well as how to identify elements in the lesson that build toward this goal. Teachers build a foundational understanding of culturally relevant teaching and learn how to adapt lessons with practices that lead to meaningful, engaging, affirming instruction for all students. These “hands-on” sessions involve a cycle of modeling, practice, and feedback that leads to proficiency with each part of the UPP as well as increased confidence and agency in daily lesson planning back at school.

We have a UPP pathway for teachers through our Virtual Summit. Find out more about our Virtual Summit

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