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Interview with Dr. John B. King

by UnboundEd

In this episode of the UnboundEd podcast, Kate Gerson sits down with former Education Secretary Dr. John B. King to discuss the state of education in America today and what can be done to improve it.

While listening to this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The questions we need to address in order to improve our education system and research that relates to them
  • Unconscious bias and how to create productive conversations about it within our schools and communities
  • How to acknowledge and confront our own biases as well as how they affect our interactions with students who come to us with difficult circumstances
  • John’s childhood and how it influenced his decision to work in education
  • Why teachers need extensive pedagogical content knowledge and deep conceptual understanding of the subjects they teach
  • The role educators play in protecting our democracy

As Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama, Dr. King focused on increasing equity, improving educational outcomes for all students, and closing the opportunity gap. His work had an impact on early learning, elementary and secondary education, special education, English language acquisition, and innovation. He has recently signed on to take the helm as CEO of Ed Trust.

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A Big Idea from the Episode

  • “What more can we do to have more students graduate ready for whatever comes next?”


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